Flaga Unii Europejskiej

About the Agency

Commercial image supported by charm whose uniqueness comes from elegance and the economy of means.

The AK DEVISION concept – artistic approach to brands, companies and enterprises.

AK Devision is an artistic enterprise with the commercial character. Aneta Kosin’s concept. She is one of the few women in Poland whose passion is the poster. She uses its simplicity providing a commercial client with a coherent visual identity which includes: a logo, a poster, outdoor advertising, billboards, banners, advertising on company cars, electric advertising, a roll up, a catalog, a folder, a brochure, a leaflet, a website, a server, a domain, IT programming, positioning, comprehensive implementation, production and installation.

Thanks to a team of professionals from the fields of advertising and the psychology of perception, the graphic art, design and the marketing of advertising, programming and positioning, the printing industry and installation we make sure that the image of your company is a coherent visual identity, a recognizable brand evoking emotions accordant with your mission.